Using the Australian Plumbing Code 'AS/NZS 3500 part 1 Water Services'
These programs are designed to work on a mobile device and also on a PC.
Once opened the pages/programs will work off line.

The free version will calculate copper water pipe sizes up to 50mm diameter.
The Proversion will calculate sizes up to 200mm diameter.

The free version is based on the number of dwellings. Although fractional dwellings can be entered.
The proversion allows the user to enter any combination of individual fixtures, dwellings, and known flows.

Copper Pipes
Copper pipe sizes are taken from AS1432:2000, Copper tube type B.
Note: The Australian standard does not take into account Water Efficiency Rated tapware for pipe sizing.

Pipe sizes. The internal diameters used in the programs are shown below

Free Version 15-50mm
Nominal Dia
Dn (mm)
Actual I.D.
15 10.88
18 13.84
20 17.01
25 22.96
32 29.31
40 35.66
50 48.36

Pro version 15-200mm
Nominal Dia
Dn (mm)
Actual I.D.
65 61.06
80 72.94
90 85.64
100 98.34
125 123.74
150 148.34
200 199.14

Note: Although Australia and new Zealand have the same plumbing code, the Copper Pipes in NZ are manufactured to different standards. So this app is not suitable for use in New Zealand.

Maximum Allowable Velocity
The free version of the program uses 2.4m/s for best design Practice.
(Note: Australian Plumbing Code at present allows this to go to 3m/s. However this is not recommended for cold or heated water supplies).

The Proversion allows the user to enter any value.

Minimum Residual Head
This is the pressure that we would like to achieve at the last fixture (the worst case).
The free version of the program uses 15m (approx 150kPa) as the residual head (Note Plumbing Code is 5m, but this is too low to work modern devices).
The pro version allows the user to enter any value.

Pro Version
The proversion also has a table that displays the capability of every pipe size, for the calculated Hydraulic Grade.

That is :- Proversion allows the user to change the maximum allowable velocity, and change the minimum residual head.

Pro version also calculates Pump Duty.

Screen Shots
Free Version screen
free versionFree Version screen
Pro Version screen 1
Pro version screen 1Pro Version screen 1
Pro Version screen 2
Pro version screen2Pro Version screen 2
Pro Version screen 3
Pro version screen3Pro Version screen 3
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Author : Ken Sutherland BTech MIEAust RPEQ CPEng.
Acknowledgements : Neil McPherson – Technical Manager at Watermark Services Group